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Hi Mvarice,

It sounds like your daughter and I have something in common. I realize its been a long time since you have been on here but I want to help you if I can.

I am 27 and VERY active. At 6 or 7 my parents decided to take me to Children's Medical Center in Dallas. With a "humangioma" on my tongue, they were afraid it would impare me some how, so they decided to have surgery on it. A peice under my tongue was taken out and I still had a little dime size left on the top of my tongue.

Now after 20 years I am ready to start my own family so I am going to seek treatment to reduce it in size. It never grew to much but there are several spots on my tongue and its a little annoying. Nothing painful.

If you have any questions or concerns that I could help you with, please e-mail. Back in the 80's they thought that it would cause me speech problems or I would hemorage but it never did.

Now after having done research I am sure its a vascular malformation and I am seeking treatment at the Swedish Medical Center in Denver, CO. I am scheduled for the beginning of Dec.

Best Wishes,
Patti Dallhoff
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