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Wow - DannysMom this sounds very similar to what my daughter has and what we are going through. She was born with what we were told were stork bites - one on her eyelid, one under her nose and a round small one on her forehead that was much darker to begin with. Well at age 1, the eye and lip angel kisses are almost faded completely while the forehead one has not. It is a deep pink color and flat and pretty uniform in color as well. When you push on it for a second it "goes away" for a few seconds just like you said your son;s does. This was one of the reasons my ped felt it was an angel kiss and I havent read anywhere where PWS do that same thing?? So I sent her pic into a specialist and he feels it may be a port wine stain and that we should do laser treatment right away. Just wondering what you found out as their birthmark's seem very similar.

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