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Question Hemangioma scabbing for a month

Our 7 month old has had scabbing/ulceration on her 2cm hemangioma for about a month. Our pediatrician and a pediatric dermatologist both felt it is an ulcer occurring with the involution. The pediatric dermatologist also told us to use zinc oxide instead of aquaphor to keep it moist. However, it seems that she is in the least amount of pain when we just let the scab dry up and put nothing on it. The dermatologist also put her on oral antibiotics despite stating that it doesn't look infected. She then said we should consider laser in the future.
My questions are: how long do ulcers take to heal? Has anyone else given up on trying to keep it moist and let it dry out? Does the laser work in healing the ulcer faster and promoting involution? What kind of scarring can be expected from allowing the hemangioma to resolve on it's own or from laser?
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