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Default Anyone had more than 1 little one with pws?

Hi Everone

My first daughter Jessica was born with a facial pws. It is on the left side of her face and covers quite a large area. I have just found out that I am expecting another baby and I am excited but am also worried. I am worried that my next baby will also be born with a pws. Not that the pws changes anything about the way I feel about Jessy and she is the most beautifull little girl in the world to me with or without a birthmark. Its the other health risks that are linked to pws that I find worry about and as well Jessica is going to be having a fair few laser treatments to try and get some fading which can't be a pleasent experience and I am just worried my new baby is going to have to go through the same thing. I know I'm probably being silly worrying so much but I can't really find any info about this on the net also as no one seems to no what causes pws I can't help worrying. Thank you in advance for any replies!

Gemma x
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