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Hi, my Names Matt and im 19 years old, I have had A port wine stain coving half of my face ever since i could remember,Its very hard at times cos it does tend to make you very shy, and stops you from having a full social lifei have had three laser treatment, on when I was 6 and 8 and one when i was 13, the first two were som laser copper thing, i cant remember to well but i did not work and scared, the other did work and faded most of my birthmark,I have had the numbing cream before and even at 13 i was nearly in tears from the pain,other complications i have from having this syndrome is glaucoma in the one eye, and a rejection from the Royal Australian Air force for having a treatable Glaucoma which i take medication for and is under control,The best thing i wish my parents had done was get this thing off me when i was Younger,I have been able to participate in many sports,gain good friends and Not much has stopped me from leading my life, i hope I helped you in any way, and hope you keep your daughters treatments up.
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