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Default It's worse every month

Hi ladies,

Just wanted to offer my experiences as a 46-year old woman. I had a VM in my right forearm and an extensive AVM that has invaded the boney structure of my elbow and the surrounding muscle. However, I didn't know about either of these problems until about three years when the pain became almost unbearable at times and the VM became large and ugly. At that time, I was able to begin working with Dr. Yakes in Denver.

The forearm VM was successfully eliminated with two alcohol embolizations, but the elbow AVM is so big that Dr. Yakes refers to it as a "monster". I've had four embolizations and am scheduled for my next surgery in about 10 days.

My arm hurts much more every month when I am a few days away from my period. My hand swells and the arm aches worse than at any other time. Dr. Yakes has said that research shows a connection between hormones and pain, but the medical field hasn't found any way to relieve the pain. So ..... I no longer have to use the calendar to know when my "friend" is making a visit ... my arm lets me know.

Best wishes to all of you for the journey.

Denise P
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