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Default Strawberry Size Hemangloma

I had some complication during my first and second month of pregnancy, I bleed and specilist had helped to inject to protect the baby, I think mainly due to I took more honeydew during that period. No problem after 3 mths on.
My cutty baby girl was born on time wth 6.6ps, about 2 weeks ,noticed the red spot likes mosquito bite appearred middle of left ears & left eye. After 3 mths, the hemangloma raise big as strawberry & the colour also as red as strawberry.
I had follow up check up with HUKM ( Hospital Universiti Kerajaan Malaysia ) almost half year, all the doctors advice wait for few years until the hemangloma will disappear itself provided no disturbing her left eye, no futher explaination about the treatment.
Please advice what I need to do ? I am too worry about my cutty baby girl
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