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Originally Posted by nickbar View Post
Are you willing to send me a picture via email? Many hemangiomas do go away without intervention. However, there are many reasons why some hemangiomas need treatment and/or close monitoring. I'd be happy to gather advice for you from specialists. If you can send me picture(s) and history of when it appeared, how rapidly it has changed, any medical concerns, how old your daughter is now...etc.
A very thanks for your reply, Corrinne . So sorry for the delay . I had attached some photos here . Actually my daughter H growth rapid begining 3 months, from 5 months onwards, seems to be not much size changes . Now my daughter already 7months old, I am worry how long I need to wait the H go off , my parents all didnt belief the H go off by itself & cant imagine how it will go off since the big strawberry mark is there almost 7 months now.
She had bleed 1 time in about 4months that time due to middle appear a black spot & become dry skin, suddenly she scratch the black dry skin, then the H start bleeding, i really dont know what to do, direct to Hospital emergency, they cant do anything to my daughter, they only adviced to take more care about her & no creams or pills at all for the bleeding hole.
I am no idea about what treatment is suitable for my daughter now, since the strawberry had been followed my daughter growth for 7 months. I had discuss with my husabnd about the surgery that posted by other friends through here, I wonder how good if my daughter also like others successful baby that fully recover after treatment taken.
Frankly, my daughter dont have big insurance coverage, please advice how the cost for H treatment and how If I am from Malaysia (Asian Country) .
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