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OK. We finally had our "expert" doctor visit. Danny has been "officially" diagnosed with a port wine stain and is scheduled for candela laser treatment in January. We were told that his port wine is a "mild" case in that the discoloration for now, is pink to light red and that it should respond well to the laser treatment. Although I am happy to have a diagnosis I was surprised to hear about the treatment. I was told that I need to apply a topical pain killer to Danny's face about an hour before the proceedure. I was told he would be wrapped in a blanket to keep him from moving around and that he will be held down on a table. His eyes will be covered with special protectors to prevent damage from the laser but he would be awake for the proceedure. The doctor said it will take about 60 seconds to laser the affected areas and I was happy to know it would be a quick process. After that time, I will be able to hold and comfort him.

This doctor came highly recommended and he is only one of two pedicatric dermatologists in our area. He seemed very confident and experienced and had just returned from a conference about treatment for children with port wine stains the day before our appointment.

I am wondering if anyone has had the candela laser done on their young child? My son is 18 months now but will 20 months at the time of the proceedure. I was suprised that they were not going to sedate him in any way. I am concerned that he will move and could cause injury. Any suggesitons on how to make the laser treatment go a little easier?? I am very concerned for him and would like to be in the room with him.

I have his doctor calling me today to address some of these questions but I would really be interested in hearing from patients or parents who have already been through the process. I would appreciate any comments or advice.

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