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Default 5 week old hemangioma above lip - advice? In AZ...

Hi all,

Our little girl has an H above her lip on the left side. It is growing quickly, to me, and her ped is sending us on to get advice/treatment. Tomorrow we see an ENT, and I have made an appt with Dr. Goldberg in Tucson for Friday.

Does anyone have a child with an H in this location? Has anyone seen Dr. Goldberg?

I was very confident in getting this treated, but now I'm an getting nervous. The woman I spoke with at Dr. Goldberg's office said that if he wants to treat they will do it that day. That kind of bothers me. I like to think things through and maybe even get a second opinion. Would this bother anyone else? Would you treat with him at the first appt? Is this how other Dr's approach this sort of thing?

Also, any other docs you've seen in AZ?

If you'd like to see her, my little girls pics can be found on our family blog -

Thanks so much, I appreciate all your advice!
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