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Hello hughs,

My name is Hank. I am 26 years old with a facial PWS with Sturge Weber Syndrome.

I started laser treatment when I was 5 years old. I have had more treatments then I can count now. I also have had three plastic surgeries because my birthmark started to grow over my eyes and my lip started to grow outward.

I am in the same boat as you, not having time to get laser treatments with my busy schedule. Not doing so my birthmark has started growing more.

Even as a guy I have gone to the extent of wearing make up myself. But I have learned that make up will only had the true me.

I work in retail and yes I get comments everyday, I do not love my birthmark, but I was given this birthmark for a reason and so have you.

What I am saying is if you look at the big picture and try to use your birthmark for good things instead of covering it up and trying to plan your day around it, it make you more insecure. If people around you can tell that your birthmark does not bother you, then it will not bother them. Whether you think you cover it up well or not people around you can tell something is there and as a guy that would make use see that you are trying to hide something and be shallow to yourself.
People like being around others with confidence.

I told my fiancee the day I met her about my birthmark and she could tell that it does not bother me and that I am open minded about it, and she does not care. It scares her about the medical conditions that I have because of my birthmark but the PWS itself does not bother.

Everyone has flaws, in or on their bodies. Ours are just more noticeable.

As we get older hopefully technology will get better, but as of right now I can except it that I will live with my birthmark for the rest of my life. Once you can except that for yourself then you will have a happier life with your birthmark.

I hope this help.

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