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Default seeking propranolol info

My 15 week old daughter has 3 H's - two small ones that aren't of concern and don't appear to be growing and one large one that has grown rapidly since birth. The large one is on her face in between her eyebrows and the swelling now is getting closer to her right eye and blocking her full range of vision. We have seen two specialists here in Atlanta. A pediatric plastic surgeon known for laser surgery who recommends just that and, just recently, a pediatric dermatologist. They both recommend treatment as soon as possible. The derm would like to use propranolol. I have found some good info on propranolol online. I guess my biggest question/concern now is figuring out how to pick a doctor. I see many postings about people seeking out doctors in bigger cities and am not sure if that is something that I should be doing. The plastic surgeon we saw is on the Find a Physician section of this website, but the derm who would like to administer the medication is not. Is that important? Any other helpful info about propranolol would be greatly appreciated - especially first-hand info. It seems that all of the postings I've found online are for infants quite a bit older than mine. I am curious if anyone with an infant closer to my daughter's age has tried it.

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