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NYC is a great place to be to find experts in this field. Dr. Geronemous is highly respected among his collegues. He was voted as physician of the year for 2008. He has been a pioneer in this field

Is there a way you can find out what type of insurance options your husband will have in NYC? Also, have you considered starting treatment in London and then when you are moved to NYC, continue there? Vascular lesions typically will require multiple treatments. Many people in the U.S. do win approval for laser tx., but it takes some effort to provide the insurance co. with the right information. Given the location of his pws there are medical advantages for the long term to having laser now. This is something that the doctor and you can put together in appeal if it comes to that.

PWS (capillary malformations) can refill over time; therefore, maintaining the clearing can require follow up treatments. It really depends on the pws and multiple tx. are needed to get clearing in the beginning.

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