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My youngest had/has a hemangioma on the right cheek, as well as one on top of the head. She started oral steroids at 2 months old. Dose was 2.8 mg/kg, then increased to 4.2 mg/kg since the hemangioma was still growing.

The oral steroids temporarily stopped/slowed hemangioma growth, but it started growing again after weaning off oral steroids at 5.5 months old. She had a steroid injection at 7.5 months old, then surgeries at 11 months and at 2 yrs 4 months.

She really didn't have any side effects. Even when we skipped the Zantac, she was fine. The only possible side effect was stunted growth after weaning off of steroids. Height was only affected for a few months. Weight may still be affected - weighs 28 lbs at 4.5 years old - but it is tough to tell since her sisters are also lightweights (and they never took steroids). Middle child, age 11, has BMI 3rd percentile and eldest, age 13, is 7th percentile, so maybe she is destined to be lightweight.

I would give the steroids a try. I wanted her on steroids when she was just 2-3 weeks old, but the pediatrician said "No." I made appointments with specialists to get the steroids. I still think we would have avoided surgery if the pediatrician had prescribed them...

Good luck with whatever you do.
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