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Default successful propranolol treatment!

I wanted to share this information in case it might help someone. My 4 month-old daughter started propranolol last Wednesday (Jan. 28) and we are already seeing great improvments with her H's! She has 3 - two are very small and one is a larger superficial and deep H in between her eyes. Her big H had decreased by .5 cm before we left the hospital on Friday night. The color and texture have changed from bright, blood red to a softer, matte pinky-red. The swelling has gone down considerably also. One of the other H's hasn't changed and then the 3rd one has completely lost its bumpiness and is now flat. We see subtle changes every single morning! She has tolerated the propranolol very, very well.

I've detailed our roller coaster ride at if anyone would like to find out more and/or see some pictures. I am planning on adding more before/after type photos as soon as I have some time.

My husband and I are very pleased with the results and are happy that we made the decision to try propranolol. We went to several doctors and were given many different opinions. I was even told by one doctor that propranolol would likely NOT work for my daughter's type of H.

Good luck to those of you still exploring your options and seeing specialists! I know that it's an exhausting process. For what it's worth, you can add our daughter's story to the growing list of successful propranolol treatment.
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