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Default I have CMTC

I have CMTC. I am 11 years old going on 12 in March. When i was born they thought my umbilical cord was wrapped around my legs, but of course i had cmtc. My family went through alot. People thought my parents abused me. They thought i was contagious. My preschool made me have a doctors note before i could attend because they thought i was contagious. Both of my legs are covered with my birth marks or "angel kisses"as my mom calls them. Mosty around my knees. My left leg is worse. They wouldn't let me join sports until I had a doctors note. it sucked. When i was 7 it got worse, girls got catty and started making fun of me. They called me purple cow and told me i had spots. I couldn't take it anymore so i asked my parents to see if i could remove them. We talked to a lot of doctors but they all said they couldn't because of my age. So i didn't get to go through with it. I do sometimes feel self consious, but most of the time i am okay with them. It still hurts when somebody looks at me with disgust and asks "What happend to your legs, eww". But they make me me.

When i was born in 1997 I was (1 in 70 who was diognosed with cmtc) in the world.
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