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Good question. I am now in my forties, but in college, I came home on a break during my freshman year and told my mom I needed information. I was very worried. Since I had what was termed a "birthmark", would that affect any children of my own? Was it genetic? My mother, bless her, got hold of one of my doctors from twenty years earlier, and got him on the phone.

Remember that nothing [zero, zip, nada] was known when I was born, and not much had changed twenty years later. The doctor, too, was very old-school - he was convinced that what he knew was all there was to know.

The doctor pretty much thought I was ridiculous. "Congenital" does not mean "genetic".

Well, in the summer of 2002, I attended the VBF conference, and I learned a lot about the current thinking regarding hemangiomas. They theory is that some of the placenta breaks off during gestation and attaches to the forming placodes --areas of the head, usually. The "damage" is done before the fetus is fully formed.

I guess --I hope-- that there will soon be ways to detect such a thing in utero. I hope, too, that research will also be done to discover what is the cause of the breaking-off. It could be that some women are in fact genetically predisposed for this to happen. If so, researchers may be able to estimate the odds of that woman's offspring having the same genetic condition or predisposition.

I have not given birth. [I do, however, have a son]. I leave it to others who have had children to give you their anecdotal evidence about any effects. I hope they do. Perhaps you should post in another area in order to reach these people.

When the time comes, you are well advised to have all of the appropriate pre-natal testing done.

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