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Default Re:Tricare Insurance for PWS

I have had wonderful help from Regence Blue Cross Blue Sheild HMO. I am not sure if they are covering my child's hemangioma treatment because it is close to the eye...but so far no denials. They approved us for at least 4 laser countless eye exams, oral steroids, MRI...the list is huge.

I remember reading about a woman that was able to get her insurance co. to change their minds about coveage after receiving information on birthmarks. She sent them letters from Dr. Waner (why treatment was important now) and especially from a mental health professional. The letters spoke about the mental health issue when someone is forced to live with facial marks, etc. Dr. Waner has very good advice on the subject...everyone has the right to look normal!!! The problem is the term BIRTHMARK covers so many types and sizes. is Dr. Waner's website. THere is info there about insurances...

I hope this helps. You can always email Dr. Waner's office. It take the staff awhile to get back to you..but they will. They might have more information on this fight.

Good luck.

Corinne Barinaga
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