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I'm sorry to hear you're going through all this. I personally went through months and months of what I considered my own personal hell with all the pain I was in. I went to over a dozen doctors looking for help and eventually one said that he would do something about it and I had surgery that same month with that doctor. You can send your information for evaluation at Children's Hospital Boston without a referral, but it does take a while for them to look over it and get back to you because of how much high traffic of information they get from people. Keep looking for another doctor to help you, if this one won't do anything, move on to another one. I don't think it was something that the doctor necessarily did, it's just how your body reacted. That's when my pain started too, after a surgery I had a few years back. Then went through severe pain and had my surgery to fix the pain last year, almost exactly a year ago to be precise. So don't give up looking for someone to treat you, you'll find one eventually.
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