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Originally Posted by carebearnv View Post
I would have to agree with the decision that your parents made. My 1 year old son has a PWS on most of his leg. I have only read that laser treatment can be painful. I know that he will be made fun of and that worries me and I wish to protect him but I will let him decide when he is older if he wants to go through with that. I also feel that this is the time for me to educate others on his condition and when he is older he can do the same. I have had people stare already but most ask me about it. I don't know too much at this time but I am wanting to learn.
hi, we decided to go ahead with the laser treatment on the advice of our extreemly good dermatologist. starting young gives the best results. we were told that if left untreated then it can develp into a raised cobbled birthmark in the future, i do not want this to happen to my daughter, and want to give her the best possible treatment available for her. she is almost 3 at the moment and we are hoping that by the time she starts school at age 5 that her laser treatment will be finished. we are being very realistic in our outcome and know that it will not dissapear completely, but will fade significantly.laser treatment is not painful, although young children are given a general anasthetic, this is because it enables them to stay completely still for the duration of the laser treatment which sometimes can be from 5mins to 1hr, depending on the size and area which is being treated. our children are blessed that laser treatment is available for them and if you choose to use them, can be reassured that they do work in reducing birthmarks. ive spent the last 3 yrs researching the effects of laser and ive seen some birthmarks a lot like my daughters fade to the point that you would nt even see it. i hope this helps xxx
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