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Talking My story..kind of.

Hi! I'm a sixteen year old girl from Norway with a facial PWS birthmark. It covers my left cheek, my chin and the left half of my lower lip.It's never really been much of a problem for me, even though it's been hard at times.
I've had treatments regularly since I was a baby, however it's probably been a year or so since last time now.

When I was a young girl I was never bothered with it, probably because I mostly was with guys and they never said anything about it. The only thing that mattered to them was that I was good at soccer, hehe. If anyone asked about it I only said that it was just a birthmark.
It wasn't until I was about eleven that I ever really thought about it. But I still didn't mind it all that much - I was thankful that I didn't have any diseases and such. After all, I'd much rather have my birthmark than for example not being able to walk.

I've never had any problems with bullying - as long as you don't care about it, no one else will either. And if someone does, then that's their problem. I've always been confident in myself and never hesitate to voice my opinion, so if someone sent a nasty remark my way, well then I'd send one right back at them.

It wasn't until I began in the 11th grade (this year) that I began wearing make-up to cover it up. I finally found something that I thought was comfortable (mineral powder make-up). And here's just a piece of advice for parents with children who have birthmarks. NEVER suggest that they should start to wear make-up. It's probably the worst thing you can do, and you'll just make them feel like they have something that they should cover up and that they're different from everybody else. Just let them decide when they want to/if they want to. Another thing I'd like to say is that if you cover up your birthmark, then you should take days where you don't wear make-up. Simply so you won't be like one of those who just can't walk out of the door without make-up on, because that's truly just sad.

I've had many laughs due to people not knowing what my birthmark is. A little girl once asked if I had taped a salami to my face. And once I tricked someone into believing I was attacked by piranhas.

I honestly have no idea what more to write, so bye! Remember that you're all beautiful, no matter what you might think about yourself! Your life is a miracle, don't waste it just because you're insecure about yourself!
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