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Default superficial hemangioma treatments

My 6 weeks old daughter had 1 PDL treatment to a superficial hemangioma above her eye lid. We are seeing a hemangioma specialist (who is a surgeon & has not used propranolol for hemangioma) & a pediatric ophthalmologist.
My questions: We consulted with an adult dermatologist (no pediatric one on our area) & she suggested propranolol. She has never tried propranolol.
1.Where can I obtain information on propranolol dosage, how to wean off etc. She's 6 lbs-should she be monitored for low blood sugar & low blood pressure?
2. Should she begin propranolol while receiving PDL or wait and see results of laser treatments? Given the location of the hemangioma, I want to be as proactive as possible
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