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I would be happy to share our experience with you. My son Nicholas had a large segmental hemangioma on is face, scalp, ear, neck, and inner eye lid. YOu can see pictures of him, but you;ll have to register here : He is on the 14th page of albums under NIcholas' segmental h. He had a total of 8 treatments. 5 were very conservative with first doctor. 6 and 7 were more agressive with fabulous results. We took a year off to see how natural involution would do and ended up having one more treatment a year later (before his 3rd b0day). We started laser as soon as he was weaned off steroids. In my opinion and I share this with many experts in the field... laser early is beneficial in controlling growth, minimizing damage and the clearning benefits. You may not see drastic results the first treatment. Sometimes the first tx is conservative to make sure the lesion/skin hold up. Segmental h. do often respond well to laser. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
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