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Default New here - 6 month old with superficial H on face

Hi everyone - apologies for the long post.

My name is Shannon and I stumbled onto your site today while doing more research on hemangiomas.

My son is 6 months old and has had a superficial hemangioma since about week 4. Started off as what I thought was a busted blood vessel (spidery) or a scratch on his cheek. It got larger and puffier. It's not "bad" in comparison to some I've seen, but it does worry me - especially because it's on his face and people stare at him and ask me "What's wrong with his face?" (to which I reply NOTHING is WRONG with his face anyway... )

I took him to a pediatric dermatologist specialist at Duke in December (2 months old) and again in February (4 months old) to monitor and compare.

He thinks that the hemangioma (as of February) has stopped growing and is already starting to involute. He said he could notice some "graying" of it, which is hard for me to see myself, but the dr said he could see it. It's probably about the size of a butterbean.

He and my pediatrician recommend leaving it alone for now and letting it do its thing, since it seems to be involuting already. I'm eager for it to go away and have a few questions for anyone here:

a) wondering if anyone chose steroids or laser treatments after their dr said to "wait it out" and if so, what was the outcome?

b) for those who have "waited it out" how long did it take to completely involute? and do you have any pictures in stages you can share with me so I can get a better idea for what it's supposed to look like?

The internet seems to show really intense examples, and Owen's isn't as bad as what is online, so it is hard for me to gauge what a smaller, superficial hemangioma should look like in its resting and involution phases.

It breaks my heart when people see his hemangioma instead of his beautiful face and smile. I've attached photos for your reference re: his hemangioma size.

Thanks for any help
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