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Default Birthmark what a thing we live with

I am glad I have found this forum after living with my birthmark all these years. It is not a health issue, most birthmarks I think anyway. My birthmark is on the side of my face across my jawline. You cannot notice it when I am facing you. When you do see it, it can be quite easily noticed. It is only after coming on here, do I know that people suffer far worse birth marks than mine. It kind of makes mine seem like less of a problem. But I have lived with mine and I have been stared, negative comments from people at school and laughed out as an adult. And the people that don't laugh or stare, I feel it has frightened them.

It does affect my confidence but what can we do. Nothing can get rid of birthmarks, but I guess expensive plastic surgery would do it. Birthmarks are inherited, for me anway. My parent has a birthmark. My child now has one but it isn't noticeable or on her face and she's a beautiful child.

Women have the advantage of make up, men don't. But like a lot of things in life a birth mark is something we don't have a choice on having. Were born with it. My birthmark appeared when I was young and I was not born it. It does get to me when people use it to pick on, laugh at and so on. Those people are usually losers, ugly without having something like a birthmark. I have decided some time ago not to let a birthmark get in the way of what I want to do in life.

After all, a lot of the times, it isn't what you look like that gets you ahead.
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