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Default How to consider treatment options

Our 8 week daughter has a hemangioma on her eyelid. The plastic surgeon, with expertise in treating people with hemangiomas, took one quick look at her , said she had a superficial hemangioma on her eyelid & recommended PDL (laser tx). No change after 1 PDL. We decided to consult a pediatric dermatologist 2 week later. The pediatric dermatologist (much more helpful & did full body check) also has experience with hemangiomas and she said the hemangioma was superficial and deep. Her recommendation was to hold off on the PDL now (it wouldn't help with the deep component) and to consider propranolol or steroids. So we are not sure what to do regarding the PDL. Should we hold off the PDL until we try propranolol? PDL is expensive and we are not sure if we should wait to see how she responds to medication first. (Also, I have already emailed the experts. Answers ranged from excision (which the 2 we consulted said not now because of her size & age) to laser to propranolol.

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