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I too vote for propranolol hands down. My 9 month old daughter has a compound hemangioma on her face directly under her right eye. We first did steroids for 5 months starting when she was 8 weeks old (and endured horrible side effects), weaned off the steroids and had rebound growth, so started the propranolol. NO side effects at all and it stopped the growth and has caused it to shrink and fade. If it helps, my daughter's pediatric dermatologist, who has many years of experience treating hemangiomas at a very highly respected medical center, told us the same thing about laser treatments for her. He said they would not be effective for her due to the compound nature of her H and that laser only penetrates the first layer of skin. Our plan is to complete propranolol treatment (we are weaning her off right now), then wait until she's 1 and 1/2 or 2 to consider laser treatment once the compound portion has flattened out. The laser can treat any leftover redness then.
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