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Default 4 yr old with hemangioma on scalp-surgery


I am new to this board and have been reading and find the information extremely helpful.

My daughter just turned 4. He has had a hemangioma on her head since she was an infant. It ulcerated at around 5 months of age. Our ped referred us to Dr Orlow, derm specialist in hemangiomas in NYC. Tried cortisone shots and Regranex which stopped infection, laser not an option as superficial, hemangioma substantially decreased in size (almost flat) but has not changed in diameter in 2 years so he referred us to Dr Zide. From what I have read here, nobody is really fond of Dr Zide, I too found him a bit full of himself but we neverthless scheduled surgery for end June as he does successfully many of these procedures a year. What shocked me the most is the size of the scar my daughter will have, from the hemangioma to top of head to left side of head down and behind ear to wherever he will put the drain (could go to back of the neck). This apparently must be done to completely lift her scalp, , get rid of hemangioma, pull some skin up from the neck to close gap, all this to prevent a bad cosmetic job. We appreciate this as we certainly don't want this to happen. I thought he could just take it off and strech the skin but this can't be done at her age. She'll have to wear a swim cap this summer and a hat to protect from the sun. Her head will be partly or fully shaved which for a girl her age is not going to be easy.

I have not seen any posting (unless I missed them) of "older" children having had this procedure, only infants. Does anyone have a child who had this done around/at 4 yrs of age? I am very concerned as she understands now what will happen but is scared and will be terrified at the hospital as at every doctors visit. Any advice for me? Any good reviews on Dr Zide doing this procedure? I am willing to have a 2nd opinion but it must happen fast. Anybody you recommend besides Dr Waner who seems to be the best?

THanks so much for any feedback and sorry for the long posting.
A very concerned mom.
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