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Hi Corinne,
You must be reading my mind. I have exchanged a couple of emails with Dr Waner who very kindly answered some of my questions. He confirms I am on the right track, at the right place but he would not do such a large incision, just a local incision around the hemangioma. The h. is almost flat and there is not much skin to help close the gap once the h. is removed. So maybe that is why Dr Zide would prefer to do a bigger incision and lift skin up from the neck?? I placed a call into him again to go over the procedure. When we had our consultation, he did say there was a slight chance he could do a smaller incision. I can't remember what the chances are of that. The risk is a problem with the hairline. I certainly don't want my daughter to look like Mickey Rourke... Have you seen the way he looks now? What a bad cosmetic job!!! But her h. is almost flat now. I know it needs to be removed (I certainly don't want her to be mad at us later in life) but we've learned to hide it with her hair, we have gotten used to it. I just don't know if such a large incision and causing a scar where hair won't grow is all worth it. I am so afraid of a bad result!
I tried to make an appt with Dr Waner but he is out of the country and not back until mid June. Our surgery is scheduled for 6/29. I made an appt for 6/16 and we'll do some more research. Maybe I'll ask another surgeon on the list. Anybody else you would recommend?
Thanks so much
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