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Question Given no pain med after ulcerated hemangioma

My son was born with a large hemangioma on his right arm. It started to ulcerate so we set up a laser treatment in Little Rock and it was preformed two weeks ago. Due to the ulceration, and because he was a preemie, they kept him in the hospital for one night. The nurse told us because of the ulceration they would have to scrape the top off and they would be giving him pain medication, a very small amount of morphine. After the procedure was done he was a little dazed and the nurse never mentioned anything about giving him anything for pain. So, I just thought he received some but when we got back to his room my son started to scream out of control and learned they didn't give him anything. I asked if they could give him some pain medication, they said yes we can give him some Tylenol. I thought okay we will try that but when it didn't work the nurses asked if I wanted to give him something stronger. I said yes because I could tell he was in so much pain. They called the doctor to see if they could give him something and he said no, he is not in pain he does not need anything other than Tylenol all it feel like is a sunburn. Okay, I know my son and I know his pain cry. Not only that but how the hell do they know what it feels like? Come to find out with an ulceration it feels like a third degree burn. The nurses were even irritated that the doctor just passed us off. One of the nurses came in and said this is crazy, I will keep paging this doctor until he gives him something. Finally 15 hours after his surgery, and 15 hours of screaming the doctor gave him some codeine, which he immediately stopped crying. I just wanted to know if anyone else knows about the pain these procedures cause and what pain medication was given in your situation. My son has to have these treatments every 5 weeks, and I am not going to let him scream in pain.
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