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We had a similar situation. Bella had her first PDL done at Beth Israel and they only gave her tylenol. I asked for something more and the nurse made me feel like a complete jerk. She didn't have an IV so they would have had to give her an injection. I said "GIVE IT" and she said you want me me to poke this baby? She argued with me and finally I said just give me the discharge papers. I took her out of there with her screaming like mad and then gave her the codeine that we had for her ulceration once I got to our car. RIDICULOUS! I left there in tears. It was a horrible experience.

The next PDL was done at Roosevelt. She screamed like crazy after that one too. The difference was that Dr. Waner came in and said "this child is in pain. Give her some morphine." They did and she was so much better. He then came back and checked on her a while later and she was doing great.

One thing to mention though is general anesthesia also makes my daughter extremely irritable. I think it was a combo of pain from a huge ulceration, PDL, and anesthesia. Either way, the morpine helped.

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