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Hi Shannon,
my little guy just turned 1 and has 8 hemangiomas. The one on his arm looks to be similar in size to that of Owens. Although it is still the same size, it's started to go grey in the middle and deflate - when we get out of the pool it looks like it's turning black in the middle - up until 10 months there was no sign of involution but now at 12 months it's really started to change.

One on his leg which was bright red at 8 weeks has since almost completely faded. Of the 8, one is about 90% gone, 4 are in the process of involution (slowly) and the remaining 3 haven't shown signs of involution yet.

We've been to the dermatology clinic at Sick Kids in Toronto and they keep giving me the "wait and see" line. I'm going to give it until he's two and then may try laser treatments.

Good luck. Owen is beautiful!!
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