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Cool Anyone have a child with a deep H?

My daughter has a deep hemangioma, and it seems like most of the information that I find deals primarily with superficial H's--can any body share their personal experience about whether it involuted or what type of treatment was used?

My husband and I are feeling very frustrated at this point. Surgery was scheduled, then cancelled because of bleeding risk. We prepared ourselves for all the things that may happen during surgery, but we also started to look forward to her no longer having a bump on her head. I was glad that she would not have to be in any pain from the surgery, but really disappointed that she would continue to have the H on her face---this kind of made me feel "shallow"--the feelings are all complex! Everywhere we go, people say, "Oh did she bump her head?" or "did she fall?" I try not to resent this, but really, I don't like that people may assume that I drop my daughter, who is not even mobile yet (4 months)!!

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