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Default Thanks for the reply!

Hi Megs,

Thanks for the reply--I'm glad to know that what I am feeling is normal!!

I am also worried about how close the H is to her eye. I have asked the experts, Dr. Fay and Waner, and am awaiting their replies.

We have sought treatment through the Children's Hospital in Denver. In fact, we had scheduled surgery, but the plastic surgeon who was going to help decided that it was too risky. He said that Hemangiomas are rarely operated on, and that it was not big enough for any type of treatment at this point. He said that it shouldn't grow rapidly anymore and should totally stop growing around 9 months, then start to involute slowly. He reccommended that we go to the vascular malformation clinic at the hospital if we were worried, but that they would most likely not do anything at this time, and if they did she would be put on steriods...I'm not sure how I feel about that--guess I need to do more research. So right now we are just seeing her GP in Western Nebraska and monitoring the growth..
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