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Hi there! I am glad sharing my story helped you... I remember feeling the same exact way you are feeling now. My husband also wanted to wait from the beginning, but I was worried about the same things as you---if it gets bigger will it affect his vision... cosmetically too-I know the feeling! I was worried about him realizing he looks "different".

Our decision to wait and see was difficult for me and I questioned myself everyday. I didn't want him to ever remember having it- that is why I initially leaned towards surgery. At that time, nobody had mentioned propanolol either....I felt more in control when I set up opthamology appts every few months to have his vision monitored and had dermatology appts lined up to have him monitored as well. If it started to affect his vision at all, we were going to treat it, otherwise we decided to wait and see. Continuing to monitor it and have a team of doctors that you trust and have experience with it is key I believe. We also decided that if by the time he is ready for pre-school it is still not gone, we will do something...

Whatever you do, at least you know about the options and you already are accessing wonderful resources through this site... By the way, Dr. Levitin was very helpful to us as well if you would like to email him too- he's on the expert list...
Take care
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