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Hi, Jonathan!

When we first began treatments for our daughter's facial PWS, we were told that the "average" number of treatments would be about 6. So, I got really exciting thinking that it would be totally cleared up relatively quickly!

However, the reality is that every PWS is unique and requires a different number of treatments. We've now completed about 13 or 14 treatments, and expect to have several (or even many) more to go!

I was really frustrated when I first realized that 6 treatments wasn't going to take care of the PWS. It helped me a lot once I was able to readjust my expectations and recognize that the treatment was going to be a lengthy process rather than a quick fix.

I wish I had known at the beginning that the treatments could take awhile, so that I wouldn't have had unreasonable expectations and the disappointment that followed. Now, though, I am settled into the "routine" of treatment, recovery, and more treatments - and it's much easier to deal with because I know we're in this for the long haul.

It also helped me a lot to understand that each laser treatment - with different settings and intensities - works to destroy different levels of the PWS. So, sometimes we see "big" results, and sometimes only a little bit of lightening - but either way is OK.

It's been a slow process, but I know we're heading in the right direction - and I'm learning a lot about being patient.

In the meantime, I'm relishing the joys of parenting my precious daughter, and I try not to let her PWS or the laser treatments define her... or me!
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