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Default Any news Crofte?

I'm glad to hear you heard back from Dr. Fay. Any communication with Dr. Waner?

It's interesting that Dr. Fay said the propranolol doesn't work well unless started early. I know that in our derm clinic, they have tried it on a few other children and their h's haven't responded as well as my daughter's. But, then I've read of other cases where older children have done well on it. I think the bottom line is all h's are different and respond differently to treatment. I guess I'm wondering if there isn't any immediate danger to your daughter's eyesight, if there would be anything wrong with trying the propranolol (if that is something you would want to do) just to try and avoid surgery if possible. In my understanding, if the propranolol is going to help, it does so quickly. You should be able to tell for sure if it would help within two weeks or so. We saw changes to my daughters within two hours of starting. Just a thought. Hopefully you have heard back from Dr. Waner and already have a greater idea of what, if anything, you are going to do!
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