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Hi Rowdy, my name is Ann I started my treatment when I was about 27, I have had some good results on one leg & the other one is working but its taking a little longer. I have treatment every 3 months for the past 13 years on both legs and glad that I decided to go ahead with it. I think I would be always wondering in about another 10 years if I didnt go ahead with it what might my legs be looking like now. The laser stings a little bit but I think on the legs its not as bad as if you had to have it on your face, your skin and nerves must be more sensitive on your face. I'm 40 now and still have another 10 years to go, so as long as you realise that it might take awhile. A lot of my friends think you have a couple of treatments and thats it. Well as long as you know that it might take you years before you get the results you are after. And the costs depends on where you live, here in Australia I've been lucky enough to be covered by medicare and I havent paid out a cent, but if I had to pay for my treatment for the past 13 years at 1700 pulses (thats how many I have per treatment) I might not be able to afford it.
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