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I am not sure if anyone will read this because of the date, but I too know what you go through with not wearing shorts, or swimming with people, even wearing sandals is hard sometimes. (I have such low self esteem as it is from this and other problems) im 28 and my port wine stain is all over my foot and goes up in a weird pattern almost completely wrapping around, and goes up to the very top of my thigh. I was in sports in high school but senior year it was just too bothersome, so i didn't do any sports all because of a stupid birthmark, but people don't ever seem to know what it is and stare. one thing I would love to do is actually go to the beach without it having to be dark and changing RIGHT before I get in... that is usually what i do when going in my friend's pool. to add to the shame, im a rather large girl and some of that is due to not wanting to go out and workout and play sports because then i would have to wear shorts... a vicious cycle i would love to end. i would love it if anyone that shares in huge birthmarks would like to email me. im in kansas city mo, if you're in the area maybe we can meet up and chat. Im pretty open. my email address is

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