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Hi Bonnie,

My daughter has a lip avm, she is 18yrs. now. She had surgery in NY in 2005 with Dr. Waner with much improvement, not perfect, she has some swelling but we can live with that. She never has had embolizations or lasers. It hasn't worsended except for a little vessel bubbles up a little on her lip sometimes & maybe the swelling has increase a little bit. Nothing we can't live with. I remember trying to reply to you when you first tried this site yrs. ago. It would no longer allow me to login, and would not allow me to create a new one & I finally gave up till now with the new site I was able to make a new login. Please email me directly at I would love to talk with you as I have 2 other ladies I keep in contact with, one with a lip avm, and another with a son with lip avm, another with facial avm who is pregnant now. All with diff. experiences, yet all are doing ok now. Linda
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