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Dear kdtanker,

Thank you so much for putting this information on here. My son was born with marks in exactly the same places as your daughter. He has seen a consultant dermatologist who diagnosed the Stork bites/Salmon patches/Angel kisses and told us the marks should hopefully fade in time. My son is two months old now and I can't help but still be concerned about the marks and worry they may not fade, especially the mark on his upper lip which is the most prominent. Although he is my precious baby boy and I love him dearly, of course I would rather he didn't have these facial birthmarks. I have been looking on the internet for images of these type of birthmark but the photo of your baby is the first I have come accross that is so similar to my son's marks. I don't suppose you would consider putting a photo of your daughter now, so I can see to what extent the marks have faded? Don't worry if you would rather not, and of course I realise each baby is different. I just hoped I would be reassured to see a baby with the same thing as my son and to see how the marks may fade. Please keep us updated with progress. Many thanks once again.


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