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Smile Another adult (almost 30) with no info on PWS either

Hi there,

I am almost 30 with PWS on my face. Having a tranatic childhoom with the taunting of other kids.. and as an adult will not leave my house without makeup. Going camping.. won't leave the tent until I have it.

My boyfriend didn't know for the fist year of our relationship.

So I am too just now looking into getting it treated, when I was young my mom made no deal of it. I have always been bothered by it but never knew of the medical information behind it. Just assumed it was just a discoloration of the flesh.

Just here for support.. has a TON of great information that I have just been getting into.

I have an appointment on saturday for a consultation on my PWS having it removed with Perfecta. I'll be back to let you know what they say!

Good luck.. and there isn't a ton of information out there.. fortunately there are a few sites with the information that is essential.
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