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Wow.. Rhonda. I am impressed with your insight. I am 30 and just now realizing the medical information behind PWS. I have PWS on my face and always thought it wa sa skin discoloration.. nothing more. My boyfriend didn't know of it the first year of our relationship.

It is easy to say to just go out and be yourself.. who cares what everyone thinks right? I have that mentality but the thought of going outside with no make up frightens me like nothing else.

I am meeting with a dr this saturday to discuss treatment.. most of my doctors don't even know I have it.. most people don't know because I cover it well... became quite the make up artist. It is about the size of a 50 cent piece.. and dark red. Right on my cheek by my nose, so very noticeable.

I condone you for making your son realize it doesn't matter what anyone thinks.. it's very different being on the other end of it.. the one who bears it.
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