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Default So relatable!!!!!!

Hi, I have a strawberry port wine stain from the tip of my left leg all the way up to the top of my butt. Growing up was really bad, until early twenties, as people would ask "do you have poison oak, or have you been in a fire? Worst than that is when it is cold outside it changes from a somewhat dark pink to a bluest-purple color,,,they people don't even no what to say, LOL
Anyhow, I now wear shorts, bathing suits ect,,,as I myself not give a ratts!@#$
One thing I do have a question on, if anyone out there has something similar, regarding birthmark on entire extremities with the other "normal" being quite a bit larger than the birth mark side. My right leg weights approx 13lbs more than the birthmark leg. Doctors don't know if the birthmark is the cause,,,just wondering. Thanks for all replies, Cindy
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