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Smile Having 1st Vbeam treatment in 2 days!

I am a single mother of 3. 2 of my own and have legal guardianship of my 16 yr old sister after losing her dad and losing our mom suddenly about 2 years ago. I am almost 30 and just recently have started research about my PWS on my right side of my face. My mom always told me it was just a skin discoloration and that to get it removed was super expensive.

But about 2 months ago I noticed it has been changing in color.. I have spots now that are a deep purple.. and the texture is changing. I have been super self consious about my PWS most of my life.. and my current boyfriend didn't know I had it for the first year of our relationship.. I learned when I was a teenager to master makeup concealing.

I work in a very top notch accounting firm here in Oregon.. and only one of the shareholders knows about my PWS and the treatment because I needed to ok the time off to go early to my appt. I chose to do it before a 3 day weekend to allow myself as much time as possible for swelling and bruising.

I am very excited to take care of this.. I have wanted this for so long.. and my boyfriend offered to pay for the treatment since the insurance battle is long and sometimes doesn't pan out. He came to the appt with me and knows how important this would be for me.

I am anxious about my appearance after the treatment and have read various results.

My PWS is about the size of a quarter on my inner right cheek close to my nose. I realized this weekend that along the bridge of my nose on the side of my face hurts to touch and assume it has some connection to the PWS right there.

Can anyone offer any suggestions of anything to do before the treatment and after to help recovery?
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