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I am almost 30 and am going to my first PWs treatment in 2 days. I had a negative experience as a child. Mine is about the size of a quarter to a silver dollar. It is deep dark red and on the center of the middle of my right cheek. I was taunted as a kid.. and once I was in middle school I began covering my PWS. My mom always told me it was just a skin discoloration and that treatment was too far out of reach.

Just recently after I noticed changes did I ever research it at all. I wear make up everyday and most people have no idea I have a PWS. My boyfriend didn't know until after a year of dating.

We made an appointment to see what it woudl take to remove it. And learned that the treatment wasn't too expensive and actually my boyfriend offered to pay for it.

I am excited to have it gone.. sad to lose it.. and nervous about the procedure.

My mom recently passed away and I sort of feel like it is connected to her.. she made me. But I will love the days of not worrying about my makeup going to the river.. or camping.. or having to put it on before I even get out of the tent and always checking to make sure my makeup still looks right to cover it.

Nervous about after treatment.. I work for a high end accounting firm in Downtown Portland. Only my boss, one of the shareholders knows about my PWS and the treatment.. I am too self consious.

How does your PWS look now after this long after treatment.. I am curious how much they change.
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