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I understand your pain! I am a 34 year old female RN. I too have had problems with taking off for my treatments. I agree with you, I could NEVER go anywhere without makeup, let alone right after treatment, when it's the worst!!! In the past I have put off treatments because of this issue. However, I would highly recommend that you do what ever you need to get your treatements done. I have told my immediate boss about the laser treatments and that I could not function in the working environment while I'm healing. I don't exactly tell them the reason for the laser treatments, just that my doctor says I have to have these done for a "growth."

For the mom that makes her son go out in public... While this is ok for a YOUNG person, this completely changes once you hit puberty. My parents were very supportive while growing up and always told me how beautiful I was and that I was special. HOWEVER, once you hit puberty nothing you can say will help his pain. Once I was 11 my mom saw how much pain other children caused me and took me to a makeup artist and showed me how to cover it, so I could have a normal life. I honestly believe that if I had not learned how to cover it up, I would not have the life I have today. I of course have become the master of this. Unless this PWS in on you, you will never fully understand how painful it is to have it and how it disables you in ALL areas of your life. My husband did not see my birthmark until about 4 years into our relationship. Of course he tells me that it doesn't matter. BUT again, unless you are walking around with it, you will never understand how it feels. Good luck with your son's treatments and my prayers are with you both.
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