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Default Triplets with Hemangioma's

I am mum to 4 month old triplets born 3 months early. Who all have hemangioma's, in different positions.

My eldest daughter has one on her chest, her identical sister has one the nape of her neck & their brother has one on hid backside.

My daughter that has her's on the neck is the worse. When they were about 9 weeks old it started to grown extreamly rapidly reaching a maximum size of 5cm x 4 cm's (about 2 inch by 1.5 inch) & sitting about a half inch off the back of her neck.
She is now on medication (propanaole) to decrease the size of it & we are looking into having it removed. She's also booked into have a scan done on it later this month.
Once we have Aleah's sorted will tackle Tahlia & James'.
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