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Default 2 hours after treatment

2 Hours After Treatment: So the treatment went alot smoother than I anticipated. I was extremely nervous. She took off my make up and had me put on protective goggles for my eyes. And began setting up the machine. She asked if I was ready to say goodbye to my Port Wine Stain... I anxiously said yes!

The you could feel the cooling spray come out first and the laser shortly after felt like a rubberband snapping against my face. Some parts stung really close to my nose.. but the rest was easliy tolerable. She said it was a good sign that the PWs started bruising right away. The treatment took about 10 minutes total. And afterwards my face felt really tight.

I looked in the mirror shortly after, it was black! I thought, how am I going to cover this??

So I went home and iced it on and off all evening. My treatment was at 4pm. I slept elevated, she said it keeps swelling down. Shortly after the treatment my face was a little puffy on that side, but mild. The ice felt great against it.

I woke up the next morning and it was still really dark but yuo could see the veins in it if you looked close. The dr said not to use hot water to wash my face, to think of it as a sunburn. Steam, or warm water.. stings.

It feels like a burn, but not... it feels like a bruise, but not.. and feels like a scab.. but not. Weird to describe.
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