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Just wanted to get some things off my chest.
Iím the son of Eva and its been about 6 mounts sins I got my operation.
They closet one of the arteriesís to my tongue and made a V insertion in the back of my tongue thatís about 6cm long and 2 cm wide, the operation went well and the healing process was as they expected.

But I have to say I donít know if it helped. It helped a lot with the swelling back there. But I still have a lot of Paine in my tongue and Iím sleeping a lot. The doctors are talking about doing a second operation on the front. Hoping that that will ease the Paine. But they still wonít listen when I say that I have a lot of pain in my joints and muscles, itís as if they just donít care about it or donít want to see the connection. itís hard for me keeping my spirit up and I Know it must be even harder for my mom and all you other parents and partners out there to keep watching your children/partners in pain and see what we go true before, under and after an operation. because i just broke up with my girlfriend a mount ago she couldnít handle my constant sleeping and the fact that I always was in pain, and I totally understand and respect her and her dissension.

So I just wanted to give a little bit of poetry to my mom and all you other worried moms out there.

When all is sad, or all too wrong
We seem to count on no other
For a smile, laugh, or gentle touch
We want and need from mother!

Whether there is good or bad
Between our ups and downs
She shares her healing power
Forever not to frown.

A mother stands beneath
A silhouette of peace and kindness
Giving all the care she has
Through her spirit and love hath find us.

A Mom will always worry
From whatever might or may
Inflict no good upon our souls
And for that, a Mom will pray.

A motherís strength will always?

Help us through a time of mournó
And give compassion to those in scornó
Mother will bind when all are tornó
She is light, when dark has formedó

So to that a mother should be thanked
For all the magic given
To us when we were born!
Thanks Mom.

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